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From : Your Host: Lily Jensen

White Light Energy Meditation
Infuse Yourself With Loving & Powerful White Light Energy.

This energy infused meditation is great for honoring yourself and creating a loving, relaxing & protective energy field.

If you're going to be around the energy of others (in any situation) or people that can "push your buttons" this quick meditation is a wonderful tool!

It's super short so you can also use it any time you wish to simply relax and balance your energy.
Value = $47

From : Your Host: Carolyn Hansen

Reset Your Hormones For Health, Energy & Weight Control
If you constantly feel exhausted, anxious and off-balance
in life, just not the person you used to be...

Your hormones may be OUT OF WHACK and dragging you down.

Hormonal imbalance cannot be corrected with a simple change of attitude.

Biochemical signaling - the slosh of hormones inside
you - is a POWERFUL influence on your body and mind that you cannot afford to ignore!

An imbalance can be FIXED. To find out how, grab
my FREE eBook "Fix Your Hormones" to discover:


* Which 6 KEY HORMONES may be messing you up!

* How to REGULATE your "Fountain Of Youth" hormone

SUMMARY: You're supposed to feel great. If you don't that's not normal, and your hormones may be to blame!
Value = $37

From : Daniele Fiori

9 Hypnotic Guided Meditations To Unlock All Your Hidden Powers!
Transform yourself with these 9 powerful hypnotic guided meditations:

1 Total Relaxation
2 Staying Relaxed
3 Be Confident
4 Make Your Dreams Come True
5 Attracting Wealth
6 Amazing Learning
7 True Love
8 Weight Loss
9 Quit Smoking


"Achieve Any Goals" Email Series (2 emails)

And our weekly "Self Improvement" Newsletter!
Value = $97

From : The Laughter Meditation

Laughter Is The Best Medicine
Download Your FREE "The Laughter Meditation" Now!

Experience The Power Of Laughter, Find Anxiety Relief, Heal Your Pain, Let Go Of Stress, Discover Your Joy
And Inner Peace!

Value = $37

From : World Of Alternatives

Get 3 Full Mind Sync Downloads
1) Epsilon wave is a combination of brainwaves of very low frequency.
* Coordinates left and right brain activity.
* Induces very deep states of meditation.
* Creates nirvanic and samhadhi experience.
* Creates spontaneous out of body experiences.

2) The OM harmonic is a frequency very close to the basic vibrational frequency of the Earth.
* You can recite your own mantra over the top of the sound giving an extra dimension to your meditation

3) The shaman wave can be used to induce shamanic trance states.
Value = $60

From : Lazy Life Hacker

New Insomnia Pack
Get our new Insomnia Pack Download

You will have access to 6 Free Downloads to help beat Insomnia

1. Guided Nap

2. Back to Sleep

3. Counting Sheep

4. Deep Sleep

5. Mask External Noise

6. Power Nap

Plus how you can get access to the Ultimate Insomnia Master
Value = $47

From : Tim Pond

(3 Audios) TK CTRL – Get Things Done Fluently And Explode Your Results
Claim your 3 FREE MP3s to take control of your work and life, to discover how to easily improve your productivity to get the most important things done – without working harder!

These powerful audios have helped me and thousands of other people take control and focus better to step closer to the life they truly deserve.

Discover how to

• improve your focus to get more time to the most important and rewarding things
• control the info flow
• how to free yourself from information addiction in four easy steps
• how to drastically decrease distractions
• achieve the state of Flow
• regain control and balance in your life
and MUCH more…

Total value of these audios: PRICELESS – today FREE!
Value = $97

From : Cyndi Krupp

The Rose
The first time you listen to "The Rose" a Source Program is installed that sets up a high vibrational energy field that protects you from the negativity held by those around you.

Activate it at anytime by taking a relaxed breath and mentally repeating the Activation Code "The Rose" and then picturing a rose sitting 6-18 inches in front of you (place the Rose where you picture "your personal space" to reside). Every time you listen to The Rose you are strengthening your connection to this protective field.

It's beautiful, it's peaceful, it works...

and it is our gift to you :-)
Value = $15

From : William Poh

Positive Power eBook
Harness your inner positive power

Full Description:
- How you can harness your inner positive power to live a life filled with wealth, success and happiness...
- The 7 simple ways to draw on your positive strengths.
- What differentiates the winners from the losers
- And much more...
Value = $47

From : John.L

Bursting Out Of The Cocoon
In this 30-Page eBook, you'll discover:

- What a caterpillar and a butterfly can teach us in order to help us recognize our purpose in life.

- The Master within you, your own soul, is a great magician who knows how to manifest your every need.

- How we can build our inner strength in order to achieve that purpose, dream or goal in life.

- How to unleash your inner child and see things with the eyes of wonder and awe when dealing with the unfamiliar.

- If we want to grow, old beliefs must die and be replaced with new ones.

- And many more...

Grab Your Copy Here Now
Value = $47

From : eileen tan

The Inspirational Moment: Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life!
20 Powerful Thought-Provoking Secrets to Help You Overcome the Storms in Life!

You will learn Powerful Life-Transforming Secrets that will Help You:

1. Discover your big WHY & Life Purpose using S.L.F.S.D test (page 18)
2. Reprogram your mind to Stop Negative Thoughts & Learn to live a Fuller, Happier & More Satisfying Life!
3. Energize Your Life & Unleash your Motivation to Reach Your Goals!
4. And many more...

So what are you waiting for?

Download your "The Inspirational Moment" eBook for FREE Now!!!
Value = $37

From : Perfect Path

Bondage Breaker MP3 – The Ultimate Way To Release What’s Holding You Back!
If you know something is bad for you… why do you keep it in your life?

Habits can arise through repetition… You CAN Change It Today!

This gift will help you with:
Positive Outlook
Improved Memory
Longer Lifespan
Look Younger
Reduce Stress
Break Addictions
The list goes on…

The energy you create around yourself and others is powerful. When we are held in “bondage” we're too busy to focus on our talents, gifts and purpose. A clear and healthy mind will give us a positive and purposeful energy.

Get started with you FREE MP3 today to Break the Bonds that are holding you back!
Value = $47

From : Michele Howe Clarke

Kickass 5 Day Life Reset Challenge
THE LIFE RESET Challenge and Community is for you, if:

You feel stuck. Stagnant. Unable to move forward, even though you desperately want to.

You are emotionally, energetically, physically or creatively blocked.

Fear has left you feeling paralyzed, confused, lost and anxious.

You are sick of just getting by, surviving and are ready to THRIVE!

You’ve decided it’s time to TAKE YOUR POWER BACK!


Get ready to hit the reset button and bounce back better so you can take the first steps towards experiencing the life of your dreams. Best of all, I’ll be there every step of the way right alongside you.
Value = $97

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