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From : Your Host: Lily Jensen

Energetic Affirmation Kit For Health & Wellness
This Meditation & Affirmation Kit is completely different than any you've experienced before.

It includes a meditation/affirmation audio with sophisticated brainwave entrainment technology to help your subconscious mind relax and accept new empowering beliefs more deeply.

It also includes a Powerful 4-Step Energy process for dissolving blocks & resistance and increasing your vibration.

Claim Your Free Kit Now And Create A Life Of Balance & Wellness
Value = $47

From : Your Host: Carolyn Hansen

MP3 Audio - Change Your Thoughts To Change Your Health
It almost sounds too easy. That the simple act of listening to this FREE 20 minute audio might put you on the path to SUPER HEALTH.

Yet this carefully prepared MP3 is designed to do exactly that.

Download it now to be exposed to a gentle deprogramming session that strips away the invisible patterns of thinking that may be holding you back from a healthier, happier version of you.

Discover how to:


* Draw VITALITY (And Not Stress) From Daily Challenges

* Ease Into Habits That Promote A State Of SUPER HEALTH

WARNING: This solfeggio-frequency enabled MP3 may prove so soothing that while listening to it you enter into a state of complete bliss and zone out for the rest of the day!
Value = $47

From : Your Personalist

The Atlantean Melody
Enter a whole new world of deep meditation and be taken on a transcendental journey of total self-awareness and spiritual awakening...
Value = $77

From : Al Perhacs

The Mind Force Manifesto, The 6 Powerful Laws Of The Mind
Discover the MIND FORCE METHOD of High Performance Esoteric Training. This powerful manuscript could change your life!

Once you truly understand the power that your mind has, you will be able to achieve everything that you could ever imagine.

Understanding even the basic components of THE 6 POWERFUL LAWS OF THE MIND will enable you to see the value of learning each piece of the method for total mastery.
Value = $47

From : Chris Cade

"A Course In Miracles" Lessons
This powerful spiritual course has been endorsed by Oprah Winfrey, Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, Dr. David Hawkins, and our beloved Dr. Wayne Dyer.

A Course In Miracles has helped hundreds of thousands of people worldwide discover peace, joy, and happiness. You're about to become one of them.

These Workbook Lessons are specially designed to help you overcome negative beliefs and emotions. You'll receive one workbook lesson per day until the course completes.

On Amazon, people are regularly paying $20 or more for the 3rd Edition. Today, you get the workbook lessons for free.
Value = $20

From : Lazy Life Hacker

Authentic You - Hypnotherapy For Discovering Your True Self
Use these powerful audios to discover your true authentic self and begin living a life of acceptance and fulfillment.

Benefits Include:

Increased Self-Acceptance
Greater Self-Awareness
Improved Confidence
Higher Self-Esteem
Stress Relief
Balance In Life

... And Much More!

This amazing mp3 set will help you finally let go of the things that prevent you from being your authentic self.

Grab These 4 Audios Plus Find Out How To Get Our Happiness Unlimited Pack And Our Perfect Positivity Pack - No Charge
Value = $108

From : C Krupp

Stop Self Sabotage
3 Premium Subliminal Programming audios that WILL help you stop sabotaging yourself and WILL help you create the world of your dreams...

* Improve Self Control: You will find yourself taking control of your emotions, habits and behavior impulses and your whole life will start to change.

*Self Discipline: our subliminal messages will ensure that you stay disciplined for the long term, and for the entire life of your projects and until you see the success you really deserve!

*High Self Esteem: As you become aware of your value and accept it, you will start seeing and seizing the opportunities to live your life to the fullest!
Value = $45

From : KC.Jason Ee

Abundance Affirmations MP3
Repeating abundance and prosperity affirmations is a very effective way of filling our minds with abundance thoughts.

Poverty thinking begets poverty.

Abundance thinking begets abundance.

This MP3 will develop your abundance consciousness and increase your magnetism to infinite health, love, wealth, abundance, prosperity, and money.

Start Listening to Abundance Affirmation MP3 Now!
Value = $47

From : Limitless Valley - Daniele Fiori

9 Hypnotic Guided Meditations To Unlock All Your Hidden Powers!
Transform yourself with these 9 powerful hypnotic guided meditations:

1 Total Relaxation
2 Staying Relaxed
3 Be Confident
4 Make Your Dreams Come True
5 Attracting Wealth
6 Amazing Learning
7 True Love
8 Weight Loss
9 Quit Smoking


"Achieve Any Goals" Email Series (2 emails)

And our weekly "Self Improvement" Newsletter!
Value = $97

From : Fountain Of Youth Beauty Meditation

40 Minutes Guided Beauty Meditations
Download Your FREE Fountain Of Youth 40 Minutes Guided Beauty Meditation Today

1) Meditation for Glowing and Better Skin

2) Meditation for Beautiful Hair

3) Meditation for Weight Loss

4) Meditation for Anti-Aging

Value = $117

From : Inspiyration

Inner Sync - For Your Soul
Over an hour long...

This audio employs synchronicity and it will literally 'meditate' you.

Benefits include:

1) Buffering out distracting sounds
2) Balancing two sides of your brain
3) Gives you with a precision meditation every time you use it

Get this precision audio for FREE here and be transformed!
Value = $67

From : World Of Alternatives

Get 3 New Mind Sync Harmonics Downloads
Download #1 - Hypnotic Induction:
A combination of frequencies consistently create a highly suggestible state in the user. Studies found that this was ideal for self hypnotic induction.

Download #2 - Speed Learning:
Certain frequencies can at least double our ability to learn new material. In some cases this learning ability has been multiplied by a factor of ten.

Download #3- Lucid Dreaming:
Get control of your dream world... now. Learn the secret of programming lucid dreams every night.
Value = $60

From : Lingxin Teo

7 Empowering Habits For Positive Thinking
Are you ready to attract the things you want into your life?

In this 40-page eBook, you'll find out:

- How to conquer your fear and become confident at anything you do
- How to take action to move towards more fulfilling life circumstances
- How to change your perception of failure and work towards success!

You'll be surprised to know that all these can be achieved by simply thinking positively!

Angelina Jolie, Deepak Chopra, Donald Trump, Mariah Carey are practicioners of positive thinking too!

Download this eBook and join them NOW =)
Value = $49

From : Science Of Imagery Team

9 Solfeggio Frequency Meditations
Awaken Your Intuition & Start Creating Miracles In Your Life With This Meditation Bundle.

These 9 Solfeggio Frequencies are very powerful.

They will allow you to:

- Liberate Yourself Of Fear and Guilt

- Facilitate Change In Your Life

- Help Create Miracles

- Awaken Your Intuition

- And much more
Value = $153

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